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Here's What We Do…

We Offer People Affordable Medical Plans— Because EVERYONE Deserves Quality Health Care.

TeleMedPrime offers one of the largest communities of doctors and therapists available 24/7. You'll get UNLIMITED Doctor visits with a super affordable monthly fee for the plan that’s right for you. No more outrageous insurance deductibles!

Anytime you need to talk to a doctor, get a consultation, prescription filled, or get a diagnosis for a wide variety of treatable symptoms, our physicians, are on standby waiting to talk to you.

Access To More Than 300 Blood Tests

Our members get up to 70% off health screenings without going to a Doctor’s Office or hospital. It’s easy to find a lab near you using a smartphone or computer.. No need to go to a busy doctor’s office and pay too many fees for lab work, first appointment, and then a follow-up. It’s easy to find the closest testing center near you and get multiple blood tests.

We have certified medical professionals at the lab, ready to help you with preventative health screenings. You can get multiple tests for a variety of issues including Heart Disease, Diabetes, Thyroid Disease, Hypertension, Vitamin Deficiencies, STDs, Anemia, Low Testosterone, Other Hormones, and many more…

Our Doctors Will Follow Up If There Are Any Concerning Test Results Outside The Normal Range

If you have test results that are dangerous or out of the ordinary, our board-certified doctors will reach out with a virtual consultation— free of charge! You can ask them any questions about your results in the privacy of your home. Follow-ups from lab work have never been easier! 

If You Need Medication After You Receive Your Test Results, You Can Order The Prescriptions From Your Smartphone Or Computer!

It’s streamlined! Order medicine for treatable illnesses without ever going into the doctor’s office for blood work and medical follow-ups. And to top it off, you’ll also get a 30% discount on ALL of your prescriptions! It’s easy to get refills after a virtual follow-up appointment with a board-certified doctor. Get and medication you need— sent straight to your local pharmacy.

Everyday Prescriptions Available With Your Affordable Medical Plan

You can get many medications through your TeleMedPrime for a variety of health concerns, including Erectile Dysfunction, High Blood Pressure, IBS, Birth Control, and others. You’ll have access to prescriptions not offered by most telemedicine providers. We’ve got you covered.

Your Health And Wellness Matters

Fill your prescriptions any time of day, and receive big discounts on your prescriptions and refills. Your membership also includes plenty of bonuses! You can access personalized workout plans and daily health tips. You can see EVERYTHING you need from your computer or easy to use app in your “wellness dashboard.” It makes getting healthy and staying healthy— simple!

Gain Access To Other Healthful Benefits

Access your dashboard for daily health tips on nutrition, weight-loss, exercise, and disease prevention. Health articles, wellness videos, health calculators for self-assessments are at your fingertips. Early detection and prevention testing appointments with the touch of a button. Health risk assessments and hundreds of other additional wellness resources are there for you… So you can live your best life! That’s not all...

Need Emotional Support, And Can't Afford Expensive Traditional Therapy? We Have The Best Solution For Your Mental Health!

If you're feeling anxious or depressed, our Master's level counselors are here 24/7 and are ready to listen. Pick up the phone anytime and talk to someone who understands your worries and has the wisdom to help you get through almost any hard times. And you'll never have to worry about hidden fees— ever! One low monthly payment will get you multiple visits with our therapists.

We’re For People Who Are Tired Of Paying For Expensive Insurance

Health insurance is expensive. And if it's not in your budget, there's an alternative way to talk to a doctor or therapist without out of pocket copays and surprise medical bills. You know what you pay every month. Finally, you can speak to a doctor in your schedule (not the other way around), and you’ll never pay co-pays to talk to a doctor.

See Affordable Medical Plans See Affordable Counseling Plans

Voted "Best Subscription Service for Online Doctors" by Consumer's Advocate Feb 2020

Medical Plan

Affordable Health Care Plan

We make it easy for you to get unlimited medical advice. Need tests? It’s easy to get blood tests in your area without visiting a doctor’s office. Our doctors’ follow-up if there are any concerns. And if you already know what prescriptions you need, it's easy to get them refilled with TeleMedPrime. All you have to do is pick up the phone and get the life-saving medicines you need. Just imagine… you can get unlimited medical advice from a doctor— anytime!

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Counseling Plan

Affordable Counseling Plan

If you've always wanted to talk to a therapist, but couldn't afford it, we have the affordableest therapy solution with Master’s level therapists who can help. It's easy to pick up the phone or have a video chat with someone who understands through your computer or tablet 24/7. Our therapists are ready to talk anytime, for one low monthly fee.

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You’re On Your Way To Feeling Better With TeleMedPrime.

Healthcare should be simple, fast, and uncomplicated. TeleMedPrime makes it easy to visit a doctor in minutes through our mobile app, online, and by phone. Get access to quality healthcare without outrageous deductibles, from your couch or wherever you happen to be. Find out how easy it is to receive affordable, quality care without waiting for appointments at the busy doctor's office!

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Quality healthcare starts with quality doctors.

TeleMedPrime's friendly, board-certified doctors are revolutionizing remote access to quality healthcare. They are professionally trained to use virtual technology to treat many non-emergency conditions. Our doctors are board-certified and have an average of 15 years of experience.

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